Leadership and Workforce Transformation in the Digital Era Programme

The Urgency for Business Leaders to Cultivate Their Teams to Live up to the Digital Era

As business leaders, on one hand, we need to strive for business expansion both offline and online, fighting against the conventional business incumbent to unleash the potential from their core business competence and reaching out to untapped market demands online. On the other hand, they have to manage their most valuable resources that fuel their business development and power their fast-paced progression on the online business – that is their human resources who are supposedly needed to be digitally competent and savvy to help the corporates to live up to the new digital era requirements.

Facing talent shortage on the digital front on one hand and at the same time carrying a large bunch of existing manpower in the incumbent businesses, how can business leaders transform their workforce swiftly to be digitally geared, and manage efficiently and effectively to ensure their digital armies are agile and volatile, thriving themselves and contributing to business performances in an aligned manner?  What human challenges are posted to the business leaders, and what alternatives do they have to face the harsh and tough competitive environment and to remain sustainable?

Upon completion of the programme, the participants are expected to be able to:

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Mr. Teddy LIU, People Development Management Committee, Hong Kong Management Association

Prof. Toa CHARM, Associate Professor of Practice in Management, CUHK Business School

12 & 13 Oct 2021
Medium of Instruction
English / Chinese
CUHK Business School Town Centre (Central) or Live virtual class (Zoom)
Programme Fee
Alumni rate CUHK/CUSCS/APIB Alumni can enjoy a 15% discount on the programme fee
Limited-time Offers30% discount for first-time applicants or applicants without any enrollment in the past 12 months*
20% discount for all applicants enrolling in the second course within 12-month period*

*The offers cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional privileges and do not apply to those companies applied for the RTTP funding scheme.

"Every leader needs to be a Digital Leader in the Digital Economy."  
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The programme has been applied to be included in the list of registered public courses under the  "Reindustrialisation and Technology Training Programme" (RTTP) - funding scheme under the Innovation and Technology Fund. Companies interested in applying for RTTP training grant (two-thirds of programme fee for each eligible participant) for their employee(s) to attend this programme should apply via the online system at least two weeks before the commencement of the programme.