【Highlighted Programme】 CUHK Entrepreneur Day 2023

The 9th CUHK Entrepreneur Day (E-Day), organized by the CUHK Alumni Torch Fund, will be held on September 22nd (Fri) to 23rd (Sat) at Yasumoto Interna...
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【Wisdom of Life Series】Winsome Lee|Decoding Stories in the Bones
【Highlighted Programme】 CUHK Entrepreneur Day 2023
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9th Year Greater China Legal History Seminar Series – "Pirates and the Hong Kong Admiralty Court of 1847-49"
Department of Chinese Language and Literature 60th Anniversary – Poetry and Couplet Writing Contest (Deadline extended to 30th Sep)
CUHK LAW GBA Forum Seminar Series 2023 – "Preventing Illicit Trade in China's Cultural Heritage in the Greater Bay Area by Harmonizing Policy and Law"
Art Museum, CUHK "Green Luminosity: Yaozhou Wares from the Shang Shan Tang Collection" Exhibition
"Cast for Dignity: Early Chinese Belt Hooks from the De-Neng-Tang Collection" Exhibition
Start Up Talk - Empowering Frontier Technology Entrepreneurship
Alumni Interview

【中大新人類】氣候倡議家鍾芯豫獲邀赴南極考察 呼籲納入海洋 推進2035年碳中和願景

Please click HERE for the English version 氣候倡議家鍾芯豫獲邀赴南極考察 呼籲納入海洋 推進2035年碳中和願景 鍾芯豫Natalie(19伍宜孫地理與資源管...
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Global Economy Talk Series: Global Stock Market under High Interest Rate
Entrepreneurial Talk - EWays Start-ups can Attract Investors
CUHK Entrepreneur Day 2023
Community Service at Mid-Autumn Festival
Happy Hour Entrepreneurial Talk Series
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CUHKMC 2nd Anniversary Offer (Only for Hong Kong Permanent Residents)
ICS Book Sale 2023
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