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"CUHK Alumni" YouTube - Latest Videos!
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Public Lecture in Celebration of CUHK's 60th Anniversary – "Transforming Higher Education for the Digital Era: Designing Educational Experiences that are Feedback and Technology Rich"
The 3rd Asian Legal History Conference
Integrative Medicine Treatment in Thyroid disease: A Pilot Service Program
RPCAA Lecture Series 2023 (6): Rethinking Archaic Inlaid Bronzes
Summer Workshop 2023 (Hybrid Mode) - Introduction of Pharmacy Research Postgraduate Programmes & Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme (HKPFS)
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【校友專訪】中大新人類:跨國工作者 Deric Stephane Toche Foka為香港留步 修讀中大資訊與科技管理 突破自我

Please click HERE for the English version 跨國工作者 Deric Stephane Toche Foka為香港留步 修讀中大資訊與科技管理 突破自我 我們無法控制外界的變化,...
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Happy Hour Talk – Entrepreneurship x Opportunities . HK x GBA
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CUHKMC “CUHK 60th Anniversary Alumni Privilege "Phase 2 is now open for enrolment!
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