CUHK Mini-block Model Is Available Now

Have you ever thought of bringing the CUHK Library and Science Centre back home?

CUHK would like to present to you "The CUHK University Library Mini-block Model" and "The CUHK Science Centre Mini-block Model". They are built with Danish mini building blocks which present the distinctive landmark of CUHK in a delicate manner. The Special Edition complements the fine details of the Mini-block Model with installed lighting. The Mini-block Model includes a CUHK school bus and a figurine in CUHK sportswear. The figurine’s face and hairstyle can be tailor-made. Customised academic dress with colour-edged hoods of different Faculties is also available for order. The graduation year can be printed on the graduation certificate. This is a delightful memento that recalls fond memories of campus lives.

Each Mini-block Model has a limit of 100 pieces. Place order now!

Details and online order form: