The Greater Bay Area (GBA) is based on the "Framework Agreement on Deepening Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Cooperation in the Development of the Greater Bay Area" which was signed in July 2017. Also called the "Southern China Megalopolis" the GBA consists of nine mainland cities, i.e. Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Zhongshan, Dongguan, Huizhou, Jiangmen and Zhaoqing, plus the Hong Kong SAR and the Macau SAR. It is the ultimate goal of the GBA initiative to foster economic integration.

The Faculty of Law of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK LAW) has introduced the "CUHK LAW GBA Forum" which aims to contribute to the development of the GBA. The Forum will host a seminar series that offers a platform for the exchange of ideas, views and visions amongst academics and members of the legal professions in relation to legal aspects of the GBA. Topics to be discussed in the series include:

DateSeminar Topics and Speakers
22 March 2022Greater Bay Area Law and Legal Culture: A Reality Check
by Prof. Lutz-Christian Wolff, Wei Lun Professor of Law & Dean, CUHK LAW
13 April 2022Recent Aviation Law Issues in the GBA
by Prof. Jae Woon Lee, Assistant Professor, CUHK LAW
7 June 2022Private International Law in the Greater Bay Area: An Empirical Assessment of the Qianhai Court Judgments
by Prof. Chao Xi, Professor, CUHK LAW
18 August 2022Regulatory Pathways for Renewable Energy Integration in the GBA
by Prof. Hao Zhang, Assistant Professor, CUHK LAW
23 September 2022The Legal Implications of AI in the Context of Copyright and Transaction Automation in the GBA
by Prof. Jyh-An Lee, Professor and Prof. Eliza Mik, Assistant Professor, CUHK LAW
11 November 2022Tax Law in the GBA
by Prof. Jingyi Wang, Assistant Professor, CUHK LAW

UPCOMING: "Greater Bay Area Law and Legal Culture: A Reality Check" (22 March 2022)

The first seminar of the CUHK LAW GBA Forum will be spoken by Professor Lutz-Christian WOLFF, Wei Lun Professor of Law & Dean of CUHK LAW, on 18 March 2022. The seminar first discusses the current status of GBA law as well as future prospects. The second part then addresses the existing diversity in terms of legal cultures in the GBA. Taking research conducted in the area of organisational behavior sciences as a starting point, it explains the "mechanics" of legal culture in general and explores if and how the famous clash of legal cultures can be avoided in the GBA and how cultural diversity can rather be utilised with the goal to support economic integration.

Details of the seminar series and registration:

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