CUHK LAW GBA Forum Seminar Series 2023 – “Corporate Compliance in the GBA”

The CUHK LAW Greater Bay Area (GBA) Forum Seminar Series offers a platform for the exchange of ideas, views and visions amongst academics and members of the legal professions in relation to legal aspects of the GBA. The last seminar of the 2023 series, "Corporate Compliance in the GBA", will be delivered by CUHK LAW Professor Chao XI on 8 November 2023.

About the seminar: Generally termed as 'corporate compliance', a notable legal reform initiative has in recent years been rolled out across China to introduce the notion of non-prosecution or deferred prosecution conditioned on the culprit firms making satisfactory improvements on their internal control and compliance. Drawing upon a unique hand-collected dataset of Chinese court judgments, as well as qualitative data, this talk presents a perspective on how the implementation of the reform initiative highlights opportunities and challenges in future legal developments in the Greater Bay Area.

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