【Cubic Zine Issue 28】Empowering Cultural Trends through Artifact Research: Art Museum Director Josh Yiu Discusses Knowledge Transfer and Advocates for Interdisciplinary Strategic Collaboration

【 #CubicZine】AI x Chinese Calligraphy?Medical Education x Appreciation of cultural relics? The Director of CUHK Art Museum talks about Knowledge Transfer in the cultural sector

The Art Museum (formerly known as the Art Gallery) of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), with over 52 years of history and a comprehensive collection of more than 16,000 items, stands tall at the University, dedicated to promoting Chinese culture by combining research and expertise to inspire public engagement. In this issue of Cubic Zine, we feature Professor Josh Yiu, the Director of CUHK Art Museum. After studying at the University of Chicago and Oxford University, he has been adhering to his position and beliefs in museums, actively promoting culture and art education, and creating social impact.

Under his leadership, the project Time Travel • Hong Kong won the UMAC Award from the International Council of Museums Committee for University Museums and Collections (ICOM-UMCA) last year, making it the first university museum in East Asia to receive this honor.

In the fall of 1971, CUHK Art Museum opened. In this golden season, let us reminisce about the past and discuss the present, as we enter the inner world of the Museum Director, discussing how the Museum can exert social influence through sustainable development as well as“explore and innovate.” 

This year marks his tenth anniversary since joining CUHK. Watch the interview now, learn about the director's wise word on:

1Why do people like to visit museums?

2The world is talking about Art Tech. How can art museums keep pace with the times?

3The art and culture of Hong Kong: how can it be developed?

4In what ways can Hong Kong culture "go beyond Hong Kong ”?

5The new wing of the Art Museum of CUHK is expected to open in 2024?

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