CUHK LAW Launches the Centre for Legal Innovation and Digital Society (CLINDS)

CUHK LAW is pleased to announce the launch of the Centre for Legal Innovation and Digital Society (CLINDS).

CLINDS was previously known as the Centre for Financial Regulation and Economic Development (CFRED) founded by Professor David Donald in 2010 to support and facilitate research in all areas of law affecting commerce and business. In 2017, CFRED changed the direction of its activities towards research projects related to law and technology. It has now been re-organised and re-named as CLINDS to better reflect the Centre's new focus thus mirroring CUHK LAW's strength in law and technology. CLINDS is led by Professor Jyh-An Lee who serves as the Executive Director.

The CUHK LAW LegalTech Forum on 31 May 2022 marked the launch of the CLINDS. The Forum addressed the main promises and perils accompanying the adoption of legal technologies. In his keynote speech, Professor Dan Hunter, the then Dean of Law at Queensland University of Technology, explained how artificial intelligence, data analytics, and other digital technologies had fundamentally changed legal practices and the consequent challenges faced by the legal profession and the society. Following Professor Hunter's presentation, Mr. Danny Kan (Ping An Group) and Professor Eliza Mik (CUHK LAW) discussed various issues pertaining to the impact of digital technologies on the practice of law, legal market, and legal education.

Learn more about CLINDS and its activities here.